Clubs & Societies Department

The Department consists of twenty four members working in partnership with the
Administration and all the stakeholders from within and without the school. Games as a department, deals with all students in different disciplines. Lwak offers a variety of disciplines ranging from indoor to outdoor games. I dare say we participate in all but few.

All students are expected to jog during games time to keep them physically fit. This
enhances smooth blood circulation and enables them to be mentally fit for better academic

With all odds against Lwak in the year 2014, we posted marvelous results in all spheres of
sporting activities. Hockey lifted the Rarieda District trophy and ranked position three in the
Lake Region competitions, swimming ranked position eight at the national level. In racquet
games,the Lawn tennis doubles and singles represented Siaya County at the regional level
and managed to be the second runners-up.

What is not in doubt is that Lwak is a home of Champions. The Department,armed with its mandate and realizing the ever-growing expectation for better results, promises to work harder in collaboration with other stakeholders in bettering performance in all the sporting disciplines at all levels this year, 2015 and beyond.

God bless.