The Directorate of Studies.

Mr. ..Head Directorate of Studies The DOS is charged with the responsibility of running all academic programmes in the school. It draws its membership from all the academic departments as well as from the school administration.

 General Overview of 2014 K.C.S.E. 

In the year 2014 the school presented a total of 342 candidates. This was the first time the six
streams sat for the national exams. It was an increase of 78 candidates compared to the previuos year. The mean realized was 8.11316 (B minus) .A total of 6 students attained grade plain,

  • 29 attainedA-,
  • 30 attained B+,
  • 57 attained B plain,
  • 97 B- ,
  • 71 scored C+,
  • 44 scored C plain
  • 8 scored C minus.

If the current cut off point is to go by, a total of a hundred and fifty six candidates qualify for direct University entry.
The results came about as a result of the following reasons;

  • Discipline among the candidates.
  • Dedication from teaching staff.
  • Commitment and cooperation from the students body.
  • Constant consultation with stakeholders.
  • Early completion of the syllabus.
  • Exposure to symposia, joint exams and field trips/excursions
  • Motivational speeches from both internal and external speakers.
  • Bench marking.
  • The close relationship and co-operation of stakeholders-Parents, The B.O.M, Sponsors and other benefactors.

The school fraternity has worked hard to ensure the elimination of grades C and D ,in some subjects,but
has experienced a lot of challenges. Some of these are :

  • disproportionate teacher-student ratio.
  • Little enthusiasm by the students to do personal work in respect to some subjects.
  • Overstretched academic facilities – laboratory and classroom.
  • High teacher turnover.

Due to the sound approach of the strategic management committee, Board of Management, parents and teachers some of the challenges have been addressed.Lwak is a plane that has left the runway and the destination is Academic Excellence. What with the robust policies and measures put in place?