Science Department


This is one of the largest departments in the
school. It is made up of three science subjects : Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The three sciences are headed by:
•Mr. Ocholla – H.O.S Biology
•Mr. Okowa – H.O.S Physics
•Mrs. Osiyo – H.O.S Chemistry
The department engages the students in many learning activities e.g. practical activities in almost every lesson, science congress, symposia and joint exams.

The department is blessed with four functional laboratories at the moment but construction is
ongoing for a one storey laboratory.This is going to enhance our services greatly. The labs are well equipped with all the necessary chemicals and apparatus. Chemistry and Biology are compulsory in the school while Physics is an elective. The three subjects are offering favourable  competition against the other subjects in the school.
The department is served by three experienced lab technicians who   assist during   practical lessons,without whom it would be cumbersome to effectively offer our services. The department is adequately staffed.
With the dedication of staff and policy guidelines put in place and strictly followed, things are definitely looking up for the Department.
Jael Oluoch HOD,Sciences.


The department consists of two subjects, Mathematics and
computer studies with a total workforce of sixteen teachers.
The success realized in the department has been achieved
through the following strengths:-
(a) Team teaching.
(b) Introduction of frequent short tests in Maths.
(c) Joint Examinations with peer schools in other counties.

These strengths have influenced our belief that early syllabus coverage, engaging students in both internal and external symposia as well as meaningful revision and discussions are strategies that give
learne~rs a chance to perfect their academic Excelle3nce in the subjects.                   
Despite the high number of students in classes, we are inspired by the fact that all students have the accentual capability to redeem their lifetime objectives into reality with proper guidance from the subject teachers. This is the~driving force behind our goal, to attain a mean grade of B+ in the subjects. Mathematics and computer mean a lot in the lives of these nascent scholars.
Mark Oyier HOD, Mathematics & Computer


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