Our Background


This school is located in West Asembo location, Rarieda Sub County, Siaya County was  started in 1965 by. The visionary Fransiscan Sisters of St.Anna-Oudenbosch.

It began as a harambee school with a population of 30 students.It became an A level school in the 70's offering Arts and Sciences.Following the introduction of the 8.4.4 system, the school started a third stream in 1987 and a fourth stream in 1999.

In 2008,it started the fifth stream and the sixth stream in 2011. The school population currently stands at 1,370 students served by a teaching staff of 68 and 61 support staff.

The school has enjoyed relative stability because of the competence exhibited by the leadership, the hard work of the staff, the generosity of parents and donors and the focused students. It is noteworthy that St.Mary's Lwak has been served by five Principals since its inception.

They are:

I.   Sr.mary Paul Dietz                
II.  Sr.Vita De Wild                    
III. Sr.Antoinette H                   
IV. Sr.Anne Owuor                     
V.  Sr.Miriam Jacinta Jagogo      
VI. Sr. Anastacia Amollo            
2015- to Date

Over the years, the school has continued to churn responsible, disciplined and hardworking  go getters who contribute selflessly in making the world a better place.